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    One of my favourite games. Leroy was at his mercurial best. I can still picture him closing down the Harrow keeper, blocking the clearance and scoring in an empty net. Magical!


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    Griffiths was pretty much unplayable at that time in his career. What a brilliant player he was. Shame he never made it at QPR...apparently a really promising start was hampered by a change of manager and he never really recovered from that. Dozens of clubs followed and he came back to haunt us a few times.
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    Scored a cracking goal in a pre-season friendly against Chelsea, but never happened for him there.
  4. Les, what year when H&RB were away at Harrow Borough did Warren Williams play in goal?
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    Boxing Day 2001. a 1-1 draw, Deegan scored
    Williams;Omonua, Deegan, Sloma, O'Brien, Manuella(French), Rose, Flitter, Ibe (de Luca), Maskell, Nade(Ngopwani)

    Steve Cordery found out that all 3 of his keepers were unavailable. Stuart McKenzie was with his wife in hospital as she had suffered a serious asthma attack; Dominique Jean-Zepherin was spendig Christmas at home in France and he couldn't get hold of Adam Dunsby. It didn't get any better because Phil Dicker's father-in-law had died early that morning and Richard O'Connor was suspended.
    Warren volunteered to play in goal, Matt Flitter played his first game since an ankle operation in September and Gavin Rose had only been signed on Christma Eve. Warren had taken the gloves once before when Mark Russell was injured at Worthing the previous season - that was the season when keepers were dropping like flies, some lasting only 1 game!

    Who'd be a Manager!
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  6. [QUOTE="Warren had taken the gloves once before when Mark Russell was injured at Worthing the previous season - that was the season when keepers were dropping like flies, some lasting only 1 game!

    Who'd be a Manager![/QUOTE]

    Les was that the season we went through about 11 keepers?
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    Les was that the season we went through about 11 keepers?[/QUOTE]

    On checking through the stats for the season it wasn't @ Worthing but @ Croydon that Warren came on - considering the plethora of keepers used/injured,suspended I think that I can be let off for that one!

    in order of appearance

    Ben Miles, 8 games
    Mark Osborn, 3 Games
    Eric Talbot, 1 game,
    Mark Osborn, 2 games
    Eric Talbot, 2 games,
    Mark Russell, 1 game
    Eric Talbot, 2 games,
    Mark Russell, 1 game
    Eric Talbot, 3 games
    Mark Russell, 1 game
    Stuart Baverstock, 1 game
    Dean May, 1 game
    Eric Talbot, 4 games
    Matt Hodson, 1 game,
    Stuart Baverstock, 1 game
    Matt Hodson, 6 games,
    Eric Talbot, 6 games
    Chris Andrews, 1 game
    Michael Bertocchi, 2 games
    Eriic Talbot, 9 games

    Totals, Ben Miles, 8; Mark Osborn, 5; Eric Talbot, 27 +1 sub (replaced injured Bertocchi v Purfleet), Mark Russell, 3 + 1sub, (replaced outfield player when Eric Talbot was sent off @ Barnet), Stuart Baverstock, 2, Dean May, 1, Matt Hodson, 7, Chris Andrews, 1, Michael Bertocchi, 2, Gary Robinson 1 sub (replaced injured Russell @ Worthing), Warren Williams, ( outfield player, replaced injured Andrews @ Croydon).

    9 starter keepers used for 56 games! with 3* of them replaced for injury or sent off.

    1 sub keeper used (Robinson)
    1 outfield replacement used (Williams)
    * 1 sub was Talbot - already included in starters!:)

    11 keepers used, hopefully will never happen again!

    How our defence coped with so many keepers behind them, heaven knows.

    Well, that used up an hour of the day:cool:
  8. My memory of that season was that, once Eric Talbot became established, he appeared more or less throughout. But that was clearly not the case. Do we know why his appearances were so intermittent?
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    Injuries and suspensions wasn't it? Good keeper, played in the Barnet FA Cup game but got sent off late on.
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    This thread has taken on a life of its own....

    Mark Osborne was signed, initially, on a month's loan from Wycombe Wanderers (can't quite recall why, Ben Miles might have been injured or 'lost form') and debuted on 16th September but was not allowed to play in the F A Cup.
    Eric Talbot, signed from Chesham United, debuted on 30th September against Windsor in the FAC.
    Talbot came back into the side for the Merthyr FAC, Osborne returned to WW.
    Mark Russell came in for the Worthing FMC game, got injured.
    Talbot back in the side, then Russell.
    Talbot back for Barnet FAC, sent off. Played one more game then a 3 game suspension kicked in.
    Russell, Baverstock (from Woking) and May (from Bashley) covered his suspension.
    Talbot back from suspension, 19th December. Then went to Australia after 2nd Jan.
    Matt Hodson (from Hayes) came in, however Baverstock played v Staines in the MSC (maybe already cup tied, or Hayes said no?).
    Talbot returned from Aussie for 20th Feb v Hendon.
    Talbot then injuured for the Croydon game on 26th Mar, Chris Andrews (from Bracknell Town) lasted 30 minutes before being stretchered off - cue Williams).
    Michael Bertocchi (from Rushden & Diamonds) came in 31st March - left game feeling 'unwell' - Talbot subbed him.
    Bertocchi played next game before Talbot saw out the season.

    Well, you did ask;)
  11. Brilliant stuff, Les. I'd forgotten about Eric's Australia visit. My spasmodic visits from Yorkshire always seemed to coincide with him being in goal.
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    Most of those keepers were unmemorable for very good reason! Ben Miles though was once a very promising player at Southall before being signed by Swansea City at age 16. Was completely Teflon for us though. As were some of the others. We were just very unfortunate that season.
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