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    Things you may not know, or didn’t know you knew!


    Good Times

    Do you remember Eric Burdon & The Animals (I do, my era..TOH) ?. Band from the North East, House of the Rising Sun etc, they started some time in 1966 and went through several incarnations.

    So, all from the Newcastle area then…wrong. Vic Briggs was a member of The Animals from 1967 to 1968…and where did he hail from – Twickenham (though some sources do say, Hampton). And he went to…...Hampton School!

    Briggs was born in February 1945, his father having been killed in France just a few months earlier, and spent his childhood in Feltham, and, as mentioned earlier, attended Hampton School. Briggs was at school with Paul Samwell-Smith and Jim McCarty (Yardbirds), Brian May (Queen) and Murray Head (singer-actor). Odd that such a wealth of musical talent should be at one school, at one and the same time.

    Briggs joined The Echoes and played with them at Liverpool’s Cavern, as well as backing Dusty Springfield, all this whilst still a schoolboy. Due to his many absences, it was no real surprise when Hampton School asked Briggs to leave at the start of the 1962/63 School Term, – though he is still shown on the list of ‘Old Boys’. The break with Hampton School enabled him to progress his musical career.

    The Animals were founded in 1964 and after finding fame with ‘House of the Rising Sun’, moved to London. The original line-up did include, of course, Alan Price.

    Briggs joined the group in November 1966 and has been described as being ‘the most musically adept musician ever to pass through the ranks of the Animals’. Whilst Briggs was a member of the band he is credited with co-writing most of their hits and also the main musical arranger, which at that time included ‘San Franciscan Nights’ (7th in UK Top 20) and ‘Good Times’ (20th). In 1967 Eric Burdon & the Animals appeared at the Monterey International Pop Festival, sharing the stage with the likes of the Jimi Hendrix Experience and Jefferson Airplane – Briggs said that it was the highlight of his time with the band.

    What they call, in the trade, ‘artistic differences’ led to Briggs (and Danny McCulloch) being sacked from the band during the summer of 1968.

    Following his departure from the Animals, Briggs moved to Los Angeles to be an independent arranger and producer. Since then Briggs has moved away from music, become interested in Sikhism, changed his name to Antion and is currently living in New Zealand.

    Just think what a ‘super group’ you could make up with those lads who all attended Hampton School at the same time.

    The Old Historian
  2. I well remember Vic. We started at HGS on the same day in 1956 and, as pupils were sat in alphabetical order, I ended up sitting next to him and we became mates. His father had been a GI and Vic had made many trips to the US. Consequently, he had a slight American accent and a crew-cut which didn't go down well with the HGS establishment at the time. Even then, he was an accomplished guitarist and singer and I can remember his rendition of Wabash Cannonball as a 12 year old at a school talent show. As you say, he did miss quite a lot of school through visits to the US and, later on, his music pursuits, so I rather lost touch with him.
    Another pupil mentioned was Murray Head, brother of actor Anthony Head (now appearing in Vanity Fair!) and son of Helen Shingler (Mme Maigret in the 1960's BBC series). The family lived at Penn's Place, behind the church and only a stone's throw away from Beveree.
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    Great info, thanks
  4. Another bit of pop/rock trivia is that 'The Others' were a group formed by Hampton Grammar lads and in 1964 had their 45 'Oh Yeah!' released on Fontana. I saw them play a reunion gig at Sunbury Cricket Club about 5 years ago.
  5. More Hampton rock trivia is that Chris Dreja played with Paul Samwell-Smith and Jim McCarty in The Yardbirds. Dreja's father ran a grocers/general store in Dean Road on the corner of Rectory Grove for many years.
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  6. One of the most famous guitarists in the world was also a Hampton resident as a child but did NOT go to Hampton School. Anyone know who that was?
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    Crispian Mills
  8. Not sure he qualifies as one of the most famous guitarists in the world old bean. Although I do consider Tattva to be a 90's classic.
  9. Julian Bream. One of the greatest classical guitarists ever.

    He was a pupil at Rectory Secondary Modern School and discovered playing guitar while at that school. He was a child prodigy and went on to perform all over the world and is celebrated as one of the greatest classical guitarists.

    I always found it mildly amusing that he went to Rectory and not Hampton School.
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    CC was JB live a fish out of water LOL!!!

  11. Yes I too remember them. Did they not play at one of the Club’s Summer Fetes organised by Bill Robinson in the early/mid 60’s?
  12. That's very interesting SS. So 'The Others' may have a link to the club.
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    On local ITV news yesterday evening Brian May (currently at NASA promoting his new single). Learned he lives in Hampton now...

  14. Not sure why you thought that MK. I'm pretty sure that May lives in Windlesham.

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