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    Things you may not know, or didn’t know you knew!


    The New Hospital….

    After the end of the First World War the idea to replace the Old Cottage Hospital was re-visited. A piece of land was found on Hampton Road, Teddington, close to Broad Street, not far from the original hospital. The 2.5 acre site was owned by R & D Anderson’s Nursery and was purchased for £2,000. The land was then leased back to the Nurserymen until funds could be raised to build the hospital – this would take longer than initially thought. However, the first thing that happened was that a War Memorial was erected in 1921 in front of what would become the new build.

    The foundation stone was not laid until 1928 as fund raising proved to be a slow process – the general public had more on their minds that donating money for a new hospital. The partly built ‘Teddington, Hampton Wick and District Memorial Hospital’ was partly opened in 1929 – two years later the Hospital’s title was shortened to the current name.

    There were two wards, one for female patients, one for male, twelve beds in each. Further work carried on until 1935 with various additions including a children’s ward.

    In August 1939 following the outbreak of WW2, the hospital became a designated Casualty Clearing Station with 40 of its 51 beds reserved for civilian casualties. The closest that the Hospital came to being damaged during the war was in March 1944 when a bomb destroyed the church across the road. Fortunately, broken windows and roof tiles were the only damage done to the Hospital.

    In 1948 the Hospital became part of the NHS, as did many hospitals at that time. During the 1950s the Hospital continued to extend and improve its services to the local area.

    In 1982 the overseeing local Health Authority – the Hounslow & Spelthorne District Health Authority made a proposal to close the Wards due to financial constraints. The League of Friends organised a petition which attracted 35,000 signatures. The local campaign, supported by Toby Jessell, the local MP, was successful. The Hospital were allowed to keep 27 beds. Delighted by their success the League of Friends organised several fund-raising campaigns and have succeeded in providing a new Casualty department (which over the years the Rance family have made great use of!) and much improved Out-Patient facilities.

    The League of Friends continue to support the Hospital in every way possible.

    Currently the Hospital is an NHS Trust and operates as a General Practitioner and Community Hospital with 50 beds. It has a Walk-In Centre and a modern X-Ray department. Beside the Hospital is now the Teddington Health and Social Centre.

    Long may this hospital continue to serve the local community.

    The Old Historian
  2. Yes Toby Jessell MP did campaign to keep Teddington Hospital open but he was at the time a Conservative MP in the current Conservative government. The same Conservative government that had reduced money to local health authorities who then didn't have the funds to keep hospitals like Teddington open and the same government that he voted with in the house of commons.

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