Oxford home this Saturday.

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  1. Whilst there has been a lot of attention on the Oldham game, I am sure that Gary is getting the team focused on this match. We need three points as we have dropped off the pace recently.
    Would not expect took many changes from the team that played at Eastbourne although there may be some minor rotation in the squad.
    The Oxford team has seen quite a few changes in recent weeks with the loss of a few players, in addition their assistant manager to Hemel. A couple of loans have been brought in to cover the gaps.
    Preview from their site.
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  2. TW3Beaver

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  3. tony

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    0-1 after 3 mins. Again.

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  4. tony

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    0-2 35 mins. Poor defending. Too easy for Oxford.

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  5. Big Rich

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    Terrible first half. Worst I’ve seen his year. Minds on Mon 12 already!
  6. tony

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    0-3 in marked header from corner. Terrible display at the back

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  7. Big Rich

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    Presumably we’re trying to fool the Oldham scouts into thinking we can’t defend...
  8. tony

    tony Member

    1-3 Connors excellent shot

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  9. tony

    tony Member

    1-4. Gary McCann needs to get this defence sorted pretty quickly or it could be embarrassing in front of the cameras.

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  10. tony

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    2-4 Connors but too late for Hampton

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  11. tony

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    Fifth league game in a row we have conceded in the first five minutes and whilst the team will be well aware of the fact, we don’t seem to have found a plan to stop it happening. No Downer today and as a result we looked all over the place at the back and midfield did little to combat a quick and skilful Oxford side. Up front we just as bereft of ideas until we showed a bit more effort in the second half. By then we were 3 down and game pretty much over. Connors scored a fine goal and poked in a late consolation. Lovelock made a couple of very good saves to keep the score down, but in truth it could have been six or seven. The management team must be wondering what has happened to the early fine form and so are the supporters. One point from last 15 is quite worrying.

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  12. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    If it wasn't for the distraction of the FA Cup we would be seriously worried already. When we have the Oldham game out of the way, Gary will have time for a proper regroup and a rethink. The defence is too slow and really misses the old war horse Downer to organise them, a bit of a problem when Downer himself can't play every game. Midfield doesn't seem to be working either and needs more strength and speed.
    These problems shouldn't be insurmountable for Gary but he needs to act quickly or we will be drawn into a relegation scrap.
  13. Big Rich

    Big Rich Member

    One of the most shocking things about the game was that the official attendance was 471. Was everyone in the bar??!
  14. davc

    davc Member

    Massive improvement in the second half , Maclaren played really well when he came on and conners gave some mobility in centre mid. If was in midfield where we were over ran in the first half. Also shocking defending conceding headers so easily. Our keeper was outstanding, could have been worse.
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  15. Les 1949

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    We include everyone in the bar;)
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  16. Think several posts have covered many of the main topics. It has become noticeable that against quick strong forwards we struggle especially without Downer. Agree midfield needs attention, there is a lack of pace and creativity. Upfront Dickson was often isolated, is now well marked as we lack a forward of the right type to supplement and add the necessary goal threat.
    Gary sounded very unhappy with things, he has some selection issues for the next game. It would not surprise me if he looks to reorganise the squad in the next few weeks.
  17. tony

    tony Member

    Just listened to the manager’s post match interview. Unlike some managers who like to find excuses in poor defeats, Gary at least is honest enough to say what was clear to all, that the first half was simply not good enough. Personally, I think one or two of the squad are coasting and not contributing enough and we could do with some fresh legs. Maybe have to spend a little of the Cup windfall to steady the ship.

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  18. davc

    davc Member

    I have just watched the highlights v Oxford. The goals looked bad on Saturday but worse after the highlights. Each one a defensive error either we allow players to play their way in too easily or offer free headers. We were lucky it was only 4. Lets hope Downer is fit on Monday, he is head and shoulders above the rest but he cant do it all..

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