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    Dowse and his management team have been here for eight weeks and there has certainly been a lot happening in that time.

    In that period we have played 11 competitive games, winning 5, losing 5 and 1 draw. There have been some encouraging performances, as well as some very poor ones and a few in between.

    In my last column I said that Dowse was going to give everyone a fair crack of the whip before he made any decisions. He has now made those tough decisions, and today's team will bear little, if any resemblance to the team when he took over.

    Many of the fans have been shocked by some of those Dowse has encouraged to pursue their footballing careers elsewhere, but he did so because he thought it was best for the team.

    When he arrived he told me that it would get worse before it gets better, but I don't think it get can get much worse than last Saturday at Wealdstone!!

    Now I know this is an article for a match day programme and not Gardeners Weekly, but what is happening to the team reminds me a lot about what is happening in the great out doors at the moment. Although we have been enjoying an Indian Summer, which has meant some plants are still in bloom, trees are rapidly shedding their leaves and the colours are beginning to fade.

    Trees and bushes are being cutback and it will not be long before all looks drab and bare. Pruning and cutting back is essential to encourages more growth next spring, when hopefully our gardens and parks will will be in full bloom again.

    Although the last few performances have been bleak I know that Dowse, who has now done his “pruning”, believes it won't be long before the “buds” of a new team burst into life!!

    In John's Gospel, Jesus describes God as a gardener, who “prunes” our lives. He is ruthless in His “pruning”. Anything that is useless, is cut off and “burned”, but our “fruit” bearing characteristics are trimmed so that that we can be more fruitful. What “fruit” does He expect us to produce?

    In Paul's letter to the Galatians he lists them as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. How fruitful are your lives? If you're anything like me a little “pruning” is required from time to time!! Dowse has done his pruning, will you allow God to do His?

    Paul Barker – Club chaplain
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