1. James Dean

    James Dean Member

    ... and Josh Casey.

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  2. You can add Brendan Kiernan to the list.
  3. Realistically based on what I understand.
    Max has had better financial offers from Clubs in our league and National League which he is weighing up.
    Josh, under contract, but would like to join Dowse. Player and Woking will negotiate a deal and will look to wear us down. Gary will not want an unhappy player.
    Brendan will do as he usually does and will look around for the deal that suits him best.
    Tom. As Gary has already signed a few full backs cannot see him remaining.
    Harry, Elliott and Michael were mainly used from the bench last season, if we are looking to strengthen, then Gary may not be that interested, but if his recruitment is not working out as we all hope, then who knows.
    James and Tauren might be retained although we seem well covered in James’s role unless his experience might be deemed useful.
    As often said ‘ wait and see.’

    ALLY ALLY ALLY O New Member

    Blimey 2 x Harry Crawfords........ 1 was enough!!
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  5. SteveM

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    BrenGun and Dylan?
  6. Mawgan

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    Great shame one of the stand-out players of last season, along with Max, Charlie, Josh,Sam Long and a couple of loanees.
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  7. Training starts today and next week. Hopefully Gary has invited some players to come with a view to signing. There might be some other players who might turn up.
    Hope for some good news soon, it will be most welcome.
  8. davc

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    Dowson has signed a top keeper and a big centre forward, getting a decent side together.. will make turning them over even better
  9. Most of the clubs in our league are making signings and many of them look more than capable of playing at our level. Many of these club’s supporters are getting optimistic for the coming season
    I have not got very excited so far with the acquisitions, I think we all recognise that there are several key roles to fulfill. It will be the recruitment in those areas where we need to get in players of the correct quality which might well decide where we finish next May.
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  10. tony

    tony Member

    Three new players to be announced at noon today.

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  11. tony

    tony Member

    Joseph, Lovelock Bray. We are Hendon and Richmond Borough

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  12. No surprises here. According to their website we paid fees for all three.
    Have watched Lovelock on several occasions, like all keepers, makes a lot of good saves with the occasional error. Bit short as my personal preference is for taller keepers, especially at our level.
    Joseph was a good foil for Muir, like his dad Francis (Brentford) looks to have plenty of pace. Got a great goal on the playoff semi final. Gary talks about their four man attack which did so well for them last season, unfortunately the best two have moved to the league.
    Bray was here on trial last season but Dowse had better choices. Think he could be a good replacement for Cook.
    As Tony said we have lot of ex Hendon players, big ask is for all of them to make the step up. Gary is showing a lot of faith in his old players, let’s hope it will not turn out to be misplaced. It could of course have been dictated by budget restraints at Beveree.Still hope we can get in a bit of Conference experience, if not we might be in for a struggle.
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  13. tony

    tony Member

    The difference between a good Ryman Prem side and the NLS is not that great so let's not write off any of the signings just yet. These players at least have the experience of playing alongside each other so it's not like 11 new faces having to learn about each other's game.

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  14. Whoryer

    Whoryer New Member

    We are all expecting the league to be alot stronger,but last season Havant won the league after winning the Ryman the year before,and Braintree got promoted with a load of ex Ryman league players.As Tony says at least alot of the new squad are use to playing together and are use to playing for Gary
  15. davc

    davc Member

    It was inevitable the new manager would get the players he trusts and i agree that the better players in the league should be able to adjust to Conf South no problem. I still maintain most of the better players from last season were on loan. I hope the manager still looks at this route.
  16. Havant have always had a big budget, how they got relegated with a reported £7k a week budget was due in part to poor management They got it sorted, had the financial muscle to keep players to bounce back. They added a couple of players and got promoted.
    Quinton picked up some of the better Isthmian Premier players, got into the playoffs and we know the rest!
    As with most leagues there is always a step up in class, look how many teams yo yo between leagues. Probably because strikers are more likely to put away chances and defenders are more disciplined as you progress.
    Accept the team will be used to playing with each other but the cutting edge at Hendon last season will not be at Beveree. It will depend on how they adapt both as individuals and collectively.
    Let’s see who is still to come, the right players and who knows?
  17. Arthur Lee.
    Interesting article, he is a central defender.
    Players under contract cannot move just as they wish to follow the ex manager! Lesson here?
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  18. Mawgan

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    Interesting info from the Hendon FC website about how many of Hendon's players have moved to leafier parts of London. Couple of bits of irrelevant news. Woking's top striker last season Charlie Carter has been 'stolen' from Dowse by Chesterfield FC (on my instructions) and breaking news for John/Tangerine Beaver, Barrow's new manager is a certain large Oyston-hating ex Blackpool and Chesterfield FC centre back called Ian Evatt.
  19. TangerineBeaver

    TangerineBeaver New Member

    Yes , good luck to Mr Evatt , I think all Blackpool fans , boycotting or not, will wish him well . Nice to see Woking aren't having it all their own way in the transfer market . As far as under contract players go , if that was me I'd probably find I had a "niggling hamstring injury" that kept me out for as long as it took the club I no longer wanted to be at to get fed up with the charade. Not right of course but not unrealistic either
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  20. Just watched the training session film. My first impression was it looked very organised, which bodes well for the future. Lots of coaches putting the players through their paces and under the watchful eye of the Chairman.
    Kamara, Roberts and Jelley I noticed which suggests that the players who were generally on the bench last season are still around. Whether they will make up the rest of the squad is not clear as Gary said he is still looking for more signings.

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