1. tony

    tony Member

    I think we are already well covered for right backs from the new intake so not sure what future there is for Jelley or MK. Roberts could have a role as he showed well in a few games last season but again depends on what competition he has.

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  2. Would agree with you Tony; Roberts would be the most likely to be retained. It might depend on the Lee situation with regards to Kamara.
    Gary spoke about certain roles that needed to be filled , the obvious one being strikers. If there is budget available then here it needs to be spent.
    Like other fringe players from last season, Crawford is probably still around, it may depend on who is available as to his signing.
    No sign or mention of Max or Brendon, so it looks unlikely at present.
  3. SteveM

    SteveM Member

    Glad to hear that it wasn't complete anarchy and players weren't standing around unsupervised doing nothing
  4. I read that Dowse says he has had a bid accepted for a player, Casey ?
  5. Whoryer

    Whoryer Member

    Must be as he's the only contracted player,so guessing when he goes we will sign the Hendon captain who wants to join us
  6. Whoryer

    Whoryer Member

    Cancel that the Hendon captain has joined Tonbridge Angels
  7. From the article I quoted, they were not in any mood to sell him to us. He was their player of the year and is a left sided central defender which is a difficult role to fill.
    Gary did not bring him over with the other players and so perhaps was not desperate to sign him.
    Hope we can do better.
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  8. BHH

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  9. Hardly a surprise, he was the only one left under contract, so we got some money for him. Pity a few more were not in the same situation.
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  10. tony

    tony Member

    A 4 figure fee. But which 4 figures?

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  11. I would be surprised if it is as much as £5k. This means that for this one fee, Dowse has recruited three from the best defence in the league from last year. If you add in Collier who played the first half of the season, that’s a great start to build upon, plus the fee also covered Jolley. Wonder if he will be able to stretch his outlay for any more of last season’s squad?
    It looks great business for him or a great steal from our perceptive!
  12. SteveM

    SteveM Member

    Daylight robbery -- better put the lightbulbs in storage until the start of the season
  13. Harps1718

    Harps1718 New Member

    Would be interesting to know what the fee was...our captain so would hope it was closer to 5 figures than £5k. Another big loss. Can't make tonight but hopefully some more information will be given as to why we've let him leave.
  14. The whole of the transfers to Woking and the contract situation in respect of last season’s players is no doubt a subject of interest to many fans. It is however, I would suggest, could be considered outside the remit of this meeting.
    What would be much more reverent would be Gary’s attitude to retaining players on contract longer than one season, when he considers it is the best time to sit down and offer these players contract extensions.
  15. Les 1949

    Les 1949 Member

    Time to move on!
  16. Agree, let’s hope the club have learnt from this .
  17. tony

    tony Member

    Not sure the club has done anything wrong here. Even a player on a longer contract, Casey, wanted to move when the manager changed. So the club can either insist he stays and the player is unhappy, perhaps puts in little effort etc, etc, we know how this pans out. At this level long term contracts are rarely justified. If players pick up a long term injury or form falters you can be stuck with an expensive overhead. There are plenty of good players out there. OK so you miss out on the occasional transfer fee but they are unpredictable and may not balance the amount wasted on contracted players you regretted signing in the first place. A wrong signing could easily cost you £15-20,000 in a season, especially over a few seasons. We got a fee for Casey and compensation for Dowse so not as if we completely lost out.

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  18. Tony, reflecting on you post, much is very true. As Gary said in his interview, players have a loyalty to a manager and wish to follow him. In football now players/agents have the whip hand in transfers. Keeping an unhappy player is not good for anyone.
    Personally I would prefer a balanced approach which is what Gary had at Hendon, whereby the more vital/influential players were on contract, others not so. We had to buy certain players from them, whilst others it was easy to obtain. We fail in three bids for one player ?Muir and he went to another club.
    If you are successful then clubs will be after your better players, if they are contracted it does at least give the club the opportunity to negotiate a fee. This way there is a measure of protecting the company assets.
    If we had got promoted then we would have been obliged to put most of the team on contract.
    If we are constantly losing the best players then progress is being restricted. This would bring into discussion where the club sees itself naturally playing.
    If I am realistic, Conference National is about the highest we can manage.
  19. tony

    tony Member

    Max K is apparently training with Woking although did not appear in their pre season friendly with AFCW.

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  20. He did come down to Beveree a couple of times to train but Dowse has the more persuasive budget!!

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