1. BHH

    BHH Member

    Given McAuley has now gone, who actually are the best 4 players we could have kept based on those not officially confirmed to have left?

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  2. Ks have made a lot of good signings, looks like they are looking at promotion. It would not surprise me if they had a bigger budget than us!
    I hope we don’t swop leagues come May!!
    It might be that Gary has brought in players for his role that he prefers, so Shaun was not required.
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  3. davc

    davc Member

    4 decent players from last season..

    Casey, Kieran, Kretchmar, Roberts or Charles.

    That would do!!
  4. From what I understand Casey will be going to Woking if the fee is agree. As for the others, Brendon and Max would be great, but unfortunately I have my doubts.
    What is left were fringe players last season and if regular now will show how things have changed.
    Problem is players joining clubs will look to see who is there or coming and if they are not impressed they will be more reluctant to sign, unless they can get an increased pay packet!
  5. hrbfc__fan

    hrbfc__fan Member

    Mulley and Sheldrick might be staying
  6. Sheldrick was a bench warmer for most of last season. From what I saw, he is ok, but first choice?
    Mulley has experience at this level and was part of the Maidenhead promotion side. Gary has signed on a few midfielders already and of course there may be a glimmer of hope with regards Max. Gary will decide on how he wants to balance the squad.
  7. davc

    davc Member

    Mulley is ok but was down the pecking order last season. Sheldrick is unknown with no track record. As soon as Howes left Dowson pulled in loan keepers so that tells you something.
  8. tony

    tony Member

    Sheldrick has joinedNorthwood

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  9. Lost count of the number of player changes. The revolving door still has several more turns still.! Lots of places to fill not just keeper but all over the field. Not one player from last season to return as yet.
    At Hendon, goalkeeper coach Dave Smalley was registered as a player and acted as back up keeper. Perhaps this will happen next season?
  10. cliffp

    cliffp Member

    I'm not expecting to any of last seasons squad for the new campaign. Looks like most of the new players signed so far are stepping up to the National League South and there is nothing to suggest that pattern will change with additional recruits still to joining. Is this down to the budget and we are having to cut our cloth accordingly? Who knows and it's unlikely to be made public anyway. I would assume that there is a saving in terms of managers salary (part time vs full time) and perhaps with the size and spending power of some of the Clubs in the Conf South next season a decision has been made to consolidate? Perhaps the board could also come to the Manager Q&A and outline the strategy going forward. It would be good to know.
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  11. tony

    tony Member

    Let’s just wait until the first few friendlies before making any judgement. Players come available all through pre season and I am sure Gary Mc will be looking at various options. Who plays in the first friendly could be entirely different to the line up in our first game.

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  12. TW2-Beaver

    TW2-Beaver Member

    Indeed. Last season, even with a settled management team, only four players who started in the friendly against Partick Thistle, were in the starting line-up at East Thurrock the following month (Casey, Crawford, Kretzschmar and Kamara)
  13. From what I understand training starts this Saturday and then Tuesday and Thursday. We may see more new faces other than the ones already notified.
    There are quite a few important positions to fill, so let’s hope Gary will get players with the right quality and experience to fill these roles.
  14. Rob Overfield

    Rob Overfield Member

    For those who thought we should be chasing Niko Muir...

    He’s signed with Hartlepool Utd...
  15. tony

    tony Member

    That's a shame but not unexpected. Hartlepool is a long way from Hendon!

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  16. Good opportunity for him and some money for Hendon. Just shows it is worth putting your best players under contract!
    Fee reported at £10k. Recommended by a coach at QPR where Muir was on trial last January.
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  17. Whoryer

    Whoryer New Member

    Why haven't the 4 players that are supposedly signed on from last season's squad still not been announced?That would give us 14 players,so from what Gary has said only 4 to 6 players still to sign.He has already said loans are a last resort,and he likes a settled squad,so if we like it or not the players he has already signed will be in the squad for at least the early part of the season
  18. Good question.
    Perhaps there has been a change of mind by the players as they may have had better offers . With a couple of exceptions, those left were not first choice last season.
  19. SteveM

    SteveM Member

    Do we know which members of last season's squad hasn't haven't officially moved on as yet?
  20. cliffp

    cliffp Member

    The names hat haven't been mentioned yet as moving on are by my calculations, Max, Tauren Roberts, Elliott Charles, Harry Crawford, James Mulley, Harry Crawford, Tom Jelley and Michael Kamara. That doesn't mean to say that they haven't gone elsewhere or have plans to do so. I don't think it was ever said that four of last seasons squad had "signed". The remark was that some had been invited back to pre season training by the new manager where I'm sure he would make a decision as to whether to include in part of this seasons squad.

    With the exception of Max all were fringe players last season and raises the question that has already been asked i.e. are they likely to be part of a squad of similar strength to last? As Shepp will tell us, we must wait and see!

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