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    Phil Weller, Trust Chairman had asked for the following to be posted so that supporters are kept in the loop as to how and when work will be carried out...

    The Trust has been heavily involved in securing the FSIF grant funding and can advise that it is a time limited offer that will require work to start within 6 months, and to be completed within a further 12 months of commencement.

    There is approx 6 weeks worth of work, but it may be spread over a longer period, and it should still be possible to stage matches with some access restrictions if necessary. The Club's intention is to begin the work as soon as possible, but will be dependent on the commitments of the selected contractor, for whom this will be one of several similar or more major contracts. The first project meeting is later this month.

    Had the Brentford move taken place this season some of their 'disposables' might well have been of use.
    Unfortunately the Club cannot indefinitely delay the project and risk failing a future ground grading.

    That doesn't mean we won't be on the lookout for anything useful.
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