Slough at home this Saturday.

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    1-0 Slough
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    Att: 607
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    Marcel Barrington

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  6. Mucky knees

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    If you were at the match HM you would no the line up...

  7. Lord Elpus

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    How on earth did we get a point out of that?? Sorry to say this but we were mostly poor for a lot of this game, low on confidence and inspiration, as well as not doing simple things right.
    Although I thought they were a limited side but with admittedly well drilled routines, Slough must be absolutely kicking themselves this evening.
  8. Big Rich

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    Yep. Nicked a fairly undeserved point. Not a great performance.
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    An equaliser with the last “kick” of the game can’t cover over the fact that we were no better than the St Albans game. In fact it was almost the same game with no attacking threat, overrun in midfield and defence just about keeping us in the game. It took until around 60 minutes to have even a shot off target. Two weeks on the training ground yielded nothing to suggest we had any better clue how to be more competitive at this level. We’ll do well to avoid relegation at this rate.

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  10. Mucky knees

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    Tony Hungerford 5 Stalebuns 0... Football is a funny game!

  11. Richard

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    We are completely clueless. Watching the last 15 mins of the 1st half from behind Lovelocks goal was an eye opener.

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  12. Hampton mad

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    I was not at the match MK. That is why i was listening on Radio Wey to updates. Also Mk when its raining it is always best to sit middle to back row of the stand at Kingsmeadow. As you get wet sitting in the front row.
  13. SteveM

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    Too many players going through the motions and not putting in a shift, but thought we looked much better going forward after Marcel and Ryan were introduced. Performance aside, picking up any points from teams above us in the table on our current form is a massive bonus and maybe the late equaliser will help to reinstate some belief in a squad that is clearly lacking in confidence. The next two league games, at home to Gloucester and away to ET, will go a long way to deciding our fate at the end of the season so hopefully we can use today to start building up a head of steam for these six-pointers.
  14. Reading these reports, I would agree it was not much better than St Albans. Without Downer’s steadying the defence, we may well have conceded more goals, because there were moments when elementary errors took place.
    We lose out to many secondary balls and we lack players who can control play and set up attacks.
    Gary wanted Dickson to hold the ball up, it looks a difficult task he is so often isolated and passes into him are often poorly directed. Wonder if Barrington playing alongside Chris might help?
    Slough are organised and played to a pressing system, they should have won and will feel it was two points lost. We are happy with an unexpected point, the games against the teams below us Gloucester, East Thurrock, Weston , Truro and Hungerford may well decided our survival.
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    Vlog from today's game.
  16. SteveM

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    Dundo is the only forward we have capable of holding the ball up and is also the only one who consistently wins the ball in the air, so I’d play either Dicko or Marcel off him. Wichelow and the Barnet winger were disappointing today too; I’d rather see Connors pushed further forward with Zak (where was he today?) or Ryan on the other flank.
  17. davc

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    Agree 100% with dundas leading the line..his physical presence will worry any defender and he is a real target. Dicko is making life easy for the opposition at the moment, obviously not helped by really poor service in to him. I think Dundas will just get us playing higher up the field. A real problem is the size of the team with only Downer and Dundas having a real presence. We do get bullied by teams especially in midfield. Putting Mcclaren back in the middle will help.
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  18. SteveM

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    Two excellents, two brilliants and an outstanding to describe his side’s performance might be overstepping the mark a tad: they were average against, for the most part, a poor side and ultimately paid the price for a lack of adventure in the second half. On the balance of play they should have been at least two goals up when our one went in yet he’s blaming the dropped points on not having taken the ball into the corner when they had possession late on — very negative approach that makes snatching the draw not only a valuable point for us but also a triumph for football.
  19. Reading these posts and taking these into account plus what Gary said, it would appear he uses Dickson as the target man and Dundas as support. To me it is the wrong way round Dundas should be as far as possible up field with Dickson playing off him when he can utilize his speed .

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