Start Date for Next Season?

Discussion in 'Hampton and Richmond Borough FC Unofficial Forum' started by RogerSW, Jun 19, 2020.

  1. Mucky knees

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    At the beginning of June 2019 I walked into Hammonds bar and bought my early bird season ticket for a bargain £105. I wonder if there's a premier league or championship team that can match or better that price???

  2. I am sure many supporters would be willing to help the club financially at this difficult time. Other clubs are exploring ways to obtain income whether through crowdfunding schemes, grants etc. I am sure the club is currently looking at commercial opportunities.
    Mention of season tickets brings up two points, how to deal with potential refunds for the 19/20 season and how to price for next season due to the uncertainty.
    Personally I would not be looking for any refund and would be happy to pay a deposit on the coming season’s to aid the Club’s cash flow. It might be that with restrictions on numbers, prepaid ticketing might be the only way to guarantee entry at Beveree.
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  3. Lord Elpus

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    No, I wouldn't be looking for any refund either. An acknowledgment might not be a bad idea from the club's point of view though.
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  4. Big Rich

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    Agreed. I would not want any refund.
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  5. Hampton mad

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    Yes we will be wanting refunds on season tickets. Need to buy a New exhaust for The Club Car. Start the Club car Mr Barbel lets get out of here. Boom BOOM Pop BANG. Needham market here we come.
  6. Big Rich

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    I’ve got a new exhaust from Woking’s pile of spares HM. And a couple of LED floodlight bulbs. No season ticket refunds required.
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  7. Hampton mad

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    Yes Thanks Big Rich. Needham Market have brought the LED Floodlights bulbs. And the spare exhaust fits The Club car a treat. Just need to pop down windmill road and get a bent Mot off Bert. No season ticket refund needed now. Big Rich your a star.
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  8. TW3Beaver

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  9. The current front runner to start the season is mid September. Looks like clubs are starting to tailor their training with this in mind.
    What rules apply to spectators is still unclear.

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