Step 3/4 seasons terminated

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    Non-League paper have just tweeted that all leagues at Step 3 and 4, including all Isthmian and Southern leagues have commenced the process to terminate the season. In addition, all leagues at Step 5 and 6, the feeders to the Isthmian will also immediately finish. The FA leagues committee are to decide on the outcome of the season on either PPG (promotion/relegation) or a complete null and void of the season. The National League still wish to resume at some point.
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    The National League have still got their heads buried deep in the sand then.
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    Depends how you look at it. To start of we don't have a clue when we will see football played again. You only have to end the current season if you stick to a deadline to play it by. Personally I don't see how any decisions can be made until we know when it is safe for normal life to resume. That could be a few months or much much longer.

    I'd imagine much will be dictated by what the Premier league decide to do as that will have a trickle down affect. If the premier league decide to finish the season and not start another one till November then that will affect what the Football League do etc...
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    This idea was floated by one of our volunteers:

    The season is declared void with no promotions or relegations, but you begin next season with exactly the same points advantage (or disadvantage) as you finished this season with. The bottom side starts with zero points, if the team above them was two points ahead, they start with two points and so on.

    - Teams spared from relegation have a tougher starting point
    - Teams denied playoffs and promotion have an advantage to help them next season
    - Nobody can complain about just missing out on a title/playoff spot.

    - Different numbers of games played (solution: round everybody down to the points they had at the highest number of games played by everyone?)
    - Players less likely to sign for teams with a lower league starting position?

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    Personally, I’m fine with any system that gives any other side a better chance of catching Liverpool and destroying their title hopes.
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