The merry go round begins.

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  1. Already we see managers leave and no doubt this will trigger players following them or just leaving their present clubs.
    Paul Doswell has left Sutton after 11years and word is he will be at Havant, whose Manager Bradbury recently left. If this proves correct, then Havant will be nearer Paul’s Winchester home because he did give the reason for leaving down to journey. Paul brings with him some financial muscle, so Havant may be a force next season. Amongst a lot of other big clubs!
    Wait and see other developments in our league and around us. Ks are advertising for a new manager again.
  2. tony

    tony Member

    Doswell has put a lot of money into Sutton in recent years so wonder what impact that might have particularly if that get diverted to another club.

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  3. Ian Baird his assistant for several years has also left Sutton. Wonder where he will end up!
  4. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Now seemingly confirmed, both are at Havant.
  5. It will be interesting to see how many Sutton players join them at Havant. He might want a fitness trainer!
    Doswell said he will get involved with all aspects of the club. He is a Dowse with deeper pockets.
  6. Adam

    Adam Member

    If I’m right I’m thinking Doswell owns his own business. So he uses that to add funds to the team he manages. Assume he also doesn’t take a wage from football so that saves whomever he manages.

    Will be interesting to see how that leaves Sutton.
  7. Adam

    Adam Member

    Was just reading up looks like he won’t be putting his hand in his pocket this time and also he’ll be taking a wage. Havant also going to 3 mornings a week training wise. Apparently according to Doswell comments Maidstone coming down are also going to still be FT next season. Don’t know Aldershot’s position but could be a few that are either FT or train mornings.
  8. Ref Full time players.
    There does seem to be a trend to adopt this training regime and it might well be that promotion places will in the future, be fought for by these clubs.
    No doubt the make up of our league is changing as ‘bigger’ clubs slip down the pyramid.
    The other trend is for clubs to employ their manager on a full time basis. Oxford have just made this decision and Dowse was full time when he was with us. He felt it gave him time to look at league clubs reserve players with an eye to loans or permanent transfer.
    Gary is still part time, it may well become a topic as to whether it is putting the club at a disadvantage.
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  9. Josh

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    There is talk that Gateshead have asked to be voluntary demoted, which would mean that Aldershot would be reprieved.
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  12. Adam

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  13. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    So the Chairman didn't take up the task himself then when it didn't happen? All sounds very doubtful and no-one comes out of it well.
  14. tony

    tony Member

    Surely the more logical explanation is that the chairman didn’t tell the manager of the problem with promotion eligibility and they have had a fall out over it. Why would they increase their budget during the season knowing they could not gain promotion? Suspect that there will be a scramble for Moore’s services.

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  15. hrbfc__fan

    hrbfc__fan Member

    I’d happily have him next season down at the Bev
  16. Think it unlikely at the present time.
    I agree he has very successfully managed the transition up into our level.
    Ks are after a manager and their supporters have linked him in along with others. He may well not want to step down to that level so soon?
    He might bide his time to see what opportunities come up as there will be the usual managers merry go round in the next few weeks, plus the managers getting sacked for poor recruitment and results early next season.
  17. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Cannot understand why anyone would want to manage K's. That club is on a downward ground to call it's own, perpetual underachievers and an in-fighting bunch of supporters who still think they follow a big club. The overachieving Conference/Trophy days are long gone but even that was mostly done through overspending wasn't it? Sad really. Plus, to lose one ground is careless, to lose two, well, words fail me.
  18. I did say it was their supporters!
    They wasted a lot of money and for the second season finished just above the relegation zone. As you say a lot of infighting at the club. Long standing supporters banned.
    Would expect more player movement, Inman will be off.
  19. tony

    tony Member

    Matt Gray has been promoted to takeover at Sutton Utd

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  20. An internal appointment.

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