The merry go round begins.

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  1. Another gone ! Experience manager at Conference level.

    Would be interesting to see what happens with the players. Think Gary wanted the club to stay full time, perhaps the board thought otherwise as they have financial problems as there will be a drop in income following relegation.
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  2. Danny Scopes has taken over as the new man at Concord, an ex player who knows the club well.
    Looks like a lot of potential changes, several useful players might be looking for a new club although may depend on where Sammy Moore goes.
  3. I read that Sutton have released two experienced players in Nicky Bailey (34) a central midfield player and Dean Beckwith (35 ) a central defender. Wonder if they will be off to Havant, or could they be joining the other ex Sutton veterans at Beveree?
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    Baffling. K's must be throwing cash around again.
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    Appointed Hemel manager today.
  7. Replaced Deeley who only took over when Brennan left for Billericay. Poor results over half a season and he gets the sack.
    Other clubs are more ruthless than us, especially if they see the possibility of getting what they believe is a better manager!
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  8. Eastbourne have appointed Lee Bradbury as their new manager having left Havant. He has experience in our league and got Havant promoted last season. No doubt there may be players following him from Havant as Doswell shapes his squad there.
  9. Beckwith has followed Doswell to Havant as expected. No doubt there will be others!
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    Not offered a contract by Sutton according to reports and Doswell was clear that out of respect he would not go back after Sutton players so presumably the new manager at gander green lane didn't want him?

    The sort of player with conference experience and in his prime that we'd love to get I'm sure.
  11. He along with three others, were told they would no longer be required. Doswell knowing the player well, was able to contact him direct to get him to move. Would not be surprised if Bailey goes Havant way.
    You comment about players like that coming to Beveree reflects much of the comments recently expressed. Regrettably whilst we see it as improving the team, I cannot see it due to costs and other factors previously expressed on this forum.
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    That's the point I was trying to make in my rather lengthy post in the "next season" thread a few days ago.

    Some are unhappy with our performance in the league last season and feel Gary didn't recruit particularly well and an improvement is required. But as a club we rarely sign players of Beckwith's calibre and never have done which I suspect comes down to budget in the main. Not so long ago,Dean Inmam moved down a level to K's and I'd hope we at least tried to bring him back to Beveree so would imagine with the way Kingstonian were flashing the cash again we were unable to compete financially.

    If as a club we therefore live within our means and are sustainable for the long term surely we have to match that with expectation in terms of league position? Doesn't mean we can't be ambitious but we have no divine right to out perform our budget either?
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    Not that we want them or expected them to say buy you think Dundo and Downer will go Havant now?
  14. Dundas other job was as fitness coach at Sutton working with Doswell. With the change of manager there he might have lost this role. He wants to keep playing, hence the arrangement last season. He might follow Doswell to Havant as fitness coach and player?
    Downer’s fitness is the issue, he left Sutton because he could not play too many consecutive games, which we experienced last season. The question for us is, can we get in a replacement who is less liable to injury and therefore plays more regularly and will he, at 37 ( 38 in October), want to continue to play at this level?
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    Downer apparently lives some distance away (Wiltshire?) so travel might be an issue as well.
  16. You are correct.
  17. Chelmsford have released Murphy their leading scorer. Bet he is going up the pyramid ladder.
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    Wilkinson left Wealdstone non footballing reasons
  19. Has had a lot of personal abuse from their fans.
    A reported reduction of the playing budget might also be a factor.
    Might this change the Cox situation?
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    It may well do! He didn’t see eye to eye with Wilkinson.

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