Wealdstone home on Saturday.

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  1. tony

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    Very welcome result and for once we got tactics right at home. Wealdstone had pressure but not much end product. Soteriou impressed and Hill showed great commitment. First half we got a bit of luck with the deflected goal and then did much better in the second and were good for the second after the defender’s mistake let in Soteriou for a neat finish.

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  2. Hampton mad

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    Well that was a fine win well done Gary and the team. ET and WSM Can't catch us now. And if Hungerford win there last 3 games we will need 1 point from our last 3 games. Happy Days Start The Club car Mr Barbel lets get out of here. We are staying up yes we are staying up.
  3. Wealdstone forum

    “Blazers 2 Wealdstone 1

    Lost to a crap team...discuss”

    From fans of a team whose defence acted like they were having a breakdown when Soiteiru went near them I think that’s HILARIOUS.
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  4. Lord Elpus

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    A stupid comment from a member of one the most aggressive and self entitled sets of fans you'll come across. They don't deserve to be in the playoffs, end of. Nowhere near good enough.
    Well done to all concerned from our own point of view though. Pretty much there now but let's make it clear cut before the last game.
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  5. Josh

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    Brilliant performance, Sotiriou is a cracking player. Wealdstone gracious, as ever in defeat.
  6. Les 1949

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    Wealdstone shot themselves in the foot by refusing to play Sam Cox....what is wrong with them! Having said that it certainly did us a favour! Sam was at the game and said he will be coming to the End of Season Do, now if we could get him back for next season.........
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  7. Saw Sam Cox at the game he looked to be supporting us!
    No love lost between him and Wealdstone, it will depend on his contract which has a further year to run from what I have been told, plus whether we can afford him!
    Gary is no doubt in discussion with potential signings plus deciding his retained list. Might get news next month and into early June.
  8. TW3Beaver

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  9. BHH

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    Love the fact we are still referred to as Blazers on their forum despite it being 2 years since we didn't get kicked out of a county cup. Wow!

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  10. SteveM

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    Much-improved home performance today, with desire, a good work rate and some decent play, especially second half, with our confidence growing as the game progressed — standout displays from Dundo, Ryan and Ruel, with Downer bringing some much-needed experience to the defence. We would be mathematically safe with a win at Weston next Saturday, regardless of results elsewhere, so hopefully we can carry this performance forward and secure our league status with heads held high.
  11. Adam

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    Very strange only naming 4 subs when you have another player who is available and no doubt would give his all...
    Had a brief word with Sam congratulated him on captaining Guyana to the Gold Cup and wished him well for June.

    I knew he worked in the spurs youth set up. Apparently he coaches the U16’s there. I guess it might be the point of deciding between committing to coaching or continuing playing for a few years.

    I’d love it if he came back next season. Don’t think his ability is necessarily the best but his commitment and desire make up for it. A real leader. Qualities that can’t be coached.
  12. Interview with Wealdstone Manager!

  13. Like many supporters I went along yesterday with some trepidation, given our home form and it was about three months since the home league win over Dulwich. After 25 minutes of dominant play by the visitors without causing much defensive trouble, we broke out and took the lead.
    A defensive error and we were two up . A very harsh penalty reduced the arrears and the same referee missed a glaringly obvious penalty for us, but we got the valuable three points. Despite a lot of pressure Ashley was not under that much pressure.
    No doubt Downer’s return helped organise the defence. Bray seems to be better alongside him and Sprague played well at left back. Ruel proved very lively upfront getting more physical support from Dundas and Ryan too had one of his best games to date.
    Very satisfying and worth the wait, roll on Truro.
  14. SteveM

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    Just noticed that Hungerford play Bath at home this Friday — if they fail to win that we would be safe. If Hungerford win we would need three points at Weston to put it beyond all doubt. Either way we should definitely aim to go out with a bang!
  15. Lord Elpus

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    Completely missed that one mate, didn't realise there were any games on Friday at all. Can't remember the last time we had a couple of meaningless end of season games...
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  17. SteveM

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    I know right, kinda sucks the fun out of it a bit — I’m actually hoping that Hungerford win on Friday so we can decide it ourselves!

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