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  1. Les 1949

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    Another one from the archives......


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  2. Lord Elpus

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    What a day!
    Did anyone else think the huge net of red ballons behind the goal that day was tempting fate? I know we did.
    Devonshire was a great manager. As the report says, the squad had largely stayed together and grown into a formidable unit.
  3. Les 1949

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    Yes, Lesley & I were at the ground there from early in the day and we thought it was a bit presumptious, but that was the Coles for you!
  4. How many of this team from this era would get into the present team, even allowing for the difference in leagues?
  5. Lord Elpus

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    Don't think it's as simple as that Shep...the squad had developed together and knew exactly what team mates would do on the pitch. It was a genuine team effort, with fringe players like Matthews and Fernandes who could slot in easily.
    Having said all that, I'd have Lovett, Harper, Wells, Hodges and Yaks back in a shot.
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  6. Good points Lord E , it is very difficult to produce a composite team from different eras. The players you mentioned were the ones I had in mind.
    Perhaps others have different ideas?
    Godfrey might be another to give thought for?
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  7. Brit

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    Nothing much ever got past Innsy and any goalie could feel confident with him in front. (Eventually played for Slough ten years later)
  8. TW3Beaver

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    Maybe you should have called this thread Up on the Roof.
  9. Les 1949

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    OMG (as they say) I did get a lot of stick from visiting supporters but at the time it gave great view. Missed out on the t-Shirts, though.
  10. Mucky knees

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    My nephew was the match day mascot that afternoon. He's 23 now

  11. TW3Beaver

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    Also means we are all 13 years older, Mucky.
  12. Spot on. I couldn't agree more. I was involved with teams with better technical players but that squad of players were the best team I ever been around and that's what got them through many games. It's an old cliche but they really did act like would run through brick walls for each other. The team spirit was incredible.

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