Welling away on Saturday.

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  1. Hampton mad

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    Lost 4.0. Ok Mr Barbel start the club car lets get out of here. Off to Spain for the summer.
  2. Lord Elpus

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    Fully deserved to lose 4-0 as well. Kiernan the best player on the pitch. Nice to see him getting an ovation from us at the end and applauding in return.
  3. Brendan was always a popular player with us. Good player, don’t let him take penalties!
    Looks like a busy summer as we will need a lot of new recruits as most of the current team will be off elsewhere?
  4. davc

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    Don’t think there will be a scramble for many of our players
  5. Agree some might have offers from clubs lower down the pyramid where they might feel more comfortable. Injuries may force others to re-evaluate their future career.
  6. Mucky knees

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    Don't bother coming back HM

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  7. Hampton mad

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    Thank you for that comment MK. You must be one nasty piece of work. In real life.
  8. Lord Elpus

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    Bit harsh MK...
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  9. Mawgan

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    Ex Beavers doing well as usual ! Further up the pyramid Nicke Kabamba scores Hartlepools 2nd goal against Team of '92's Salford City to stop them getting near Simon's beloved Leyton Orient, who are Champions and promoted 'back to where they all belong!' League division 2. Congrats to you Simon. Salford have to suffer play-off nerves, maybe they won't make it this year (hopefully)!
    Also, further up in Division 1 Nicke's mate Jamal equalises against Graham and Dowse's boys in the North East too !!! In front of a massive crowd (41,129!!!!!!!!!) Slightly more than the crowd watching him at Hampton a couple of seasons ago!!. Bit of a lottery for promotion in that league.

    Exciting times for Robbie B, Blades promoted to the Premier League. Praps they can get the double over West Ham next year !!!! Leeds having almost 'blown it!' Allowing the single Yorkshire Premier League spot go to Sheffield!
    And lastly, (disappointment for another Hampton supporter); my other team Chesterfield will have to travel to Yeovil next year, oh dear !!!!
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  10. Big Rich

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    Yesterday best forgotten.

    New season starts today!
  11. Clearly just listening to Gary’s comments after the game, he suggested several players did not do themselves any favours as to remaining at the club and that he might need to contemplate further recruitment.
    The ‘work in progress’ is perhaps not so far advanced alone the road as he thought a few games back?
    Still it could be worse, look at Staines and the Ks forums!
  12. Rob Overfield

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    The writer of this article is a season ticket holder at Welling; he says as much in his twitter biography, @markdoigfc. He was up and down in the press box like a rabid supporter instead of being a proper journalist.

    It’s a shocking example of why reporters should not have an affiliation to any club they report on. If I thought it would do any good, I’d ask the board to register a complaint to the ‘newspaper’ involved.
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  13. Thanks for the insight Rob, there is no way a reader would know that.
  14. Rob Overfield

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    Shep, I was sat 6 feet from him, I could hardly miss. It’s a thing of mine that when reporting, you should leave emotions and feelings out of a report if at all possible. Perhaps I am out of date.
    A couple of the challenges did no credit to the players concerned but for them to be written about in such language that made them appear like the Hampton players were reincarnations of Ron Harris is not called for.
  15. Gary described the tackles as cynical not dangerous, depending on your perspective?
  16. Rob Overfield

    Rob Overfield Member

    Well you can see how the ‘reporters’ words match the perspective of the Welling supporters here...


    If the News Shopper is happy for this kind of report to go out under their banner, what is the local press coming to??
  17. SteveM

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    Could this thread get any sadder? Roll on summer!

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