Welling home Tuesday.

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  2. Team shows signs of squad rotation?

    Have we lost the number 2 shirt!
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    1-0 Nico Muir
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    Ft 1-1. Rather reminded me of the Slough game the other week. Good first half and possibly should have scored more, slightly disappointing second. Still, up to eighth and narrowing the gap.
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    Not lost..not fit for purpose!
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    That was cold. 10.30pm and I am still trying to get any sort of sensation from my big toes. A rather disjointed performance from the Beavers today and Welling deserved a point at least. I thought they were very good particularly in midfield and up front where their movement caused us difficulties throughout. Their left back was excellent. We started slowly and looked off the pace which is unsurprising considering recent fixtures and the great performance on Saturday. They won what looked like a soft penalty when Luke Ruddick handled in the area. It looked like shoulder but Luke did not complain at all. Now our new keeper is a unit of unit proportions and he extended his massive frame and made an excellent one handed save which almost went for a throw in!! We scored after a good break down the left with Muir clinically finishing a cross from the byline. I think we changed shape halfway through the first half moving to 5-3 -2 primarily moving Cox from right back into defensive midfield where he made some customary snapping tackles and actually made us look a bit more balanced. The second half was dissapointing and Welling dominated scoring from a penalty after what looked like a rash challenge as we had done the hard work and cleared our lines. We created some half chances but rarely tested their keeper who looked like he had won a competition to go in goal. To be fair it was hard to judge how good he was adI did not really see him make a save but his kicking was poor throughout. Happy with a point. No-one could fault the effort today we just did not click. It was dissapointing to see less than 350 in attendance.
    I am sure it is in hand but I really think there us some scope for marketing what is s great matchday experience to the wider south west london community further targeting schools and to be honest dads like myself who want to get out of the house on a Saturday take the kids, have a beer and feel part of a community. Anyway onwards and upwards.
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    The crowd was a bit low but I wouldn't have thought it was that much of a surprise really. I think a lot of older people might have stayed away because of the cold and Welling didn't exactly travel in their numbers probably for the same reason.
    It's funny how opinions differ from a game of football isn't it? I thought we looked a bit less balanced after we moved Cox and it was where we started to let them into the game much more.
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    As a newby you may not be aware that my wife invites local schools and youth teams on a regular basis, and has done for the past few seasons. The children get a free ticket which is valid for 2 games and accompanying adults get concession rates. They get to go on the pitch before the game nd a penalty shoot out at half time.

    Tomorrow Hampton juniors year 6 boys and Hampton Hill year 6 girls will be at Slough Town competing against other schools representing their national league youth teams (Havant & W, Maidenhead & Slough) in a national league trust tournament. The HRBFC qualifier invited, held in November, 5 schools with both boys and girls teams taking part, using our Academy to ref games and assist, again organised by Lesley. Hampton juniors were presented at the Hungerford game in kit bought by the club, hampton hill juniors/ girls are coming to the Chelmsford game.

    The schools and youth teams are ackowledged in the appropriate match day programme.

    In the course of a season Lesley distributes over 3000 tickets during a season. But as she will confirm you can't make them come.[/QUOTE]
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    Just to show how things have improved..after we won 1-0 at Welling on 12th October we were 18th, after our draw with Welling we are 8th.
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    What was the official attendance figure? Thanks
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    some step 3 clubs in the Midlands wearing "squad numbers". However the numbers can change game to game, a player not keeping the same number, its as if they just pick up random shirts before a game. Team sheet is correct, but having numbers 18, 15 etc in starting line ups.

    Must be a nightmare for reporters trying to keep check of stats and substiutions.

    Also - why????

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