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  1. We are still in a good position and there is everything to play for as the season goes into its final games. I note the comments about the current form by Hampton Mad and see some justification in them.
    There have been a lot of posts about the need for a new striker and statistics do bear this out. No doubt Dowse is aware, but has been pointed out many times, this type of player is expensive and not readily available.
    We have had several loan players and some have made a difference, Coombes in particular looked very good in the East Thurrock game.
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    Brendan's injury anyone?
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    "Yes suddenly got doubts after watching the last 2 games."
    "Our problem is scoring goals we have scored 40 goals so far"

    Just as well the boss never reads forums - he is not one for negativity in any sector particularly given where the club stands right now - every team, yes, every team at every level will have a blip, dip, drop off in form, call it what you will, at some point in a season and the form table confirms just that.
    It certainly doesn't lie - Last six matches - Beavers are 6th on 11 pts while both St Albans and Havant have the same return - Dartford, Chelmsford and Hemel have just 8, 7 and 7 respectively over the same period. I could go on but I am sure you get the point. Over 8 matches we are seventh and over 10 matches we are third. Consistent!
    Its true to say we are not at our best right now and there are reasons. You're always going to miss a fit Christian Jolley and he has not been 100% for a little while it seems - the lack of a true goalscorer is an obvious frustration for the management without doubt and one which Dowse is working on 24/7.
    The season is all about 42 games - not 21 as per the unbeaten run, nor the opening two months where we found ourselves down in the lower reaches
    and its not about the past two games where we have only picked up a point.
    We might not score many and lets hope that improves at the right time but check out the defensive stats - second best by some way! Decent I'd say.
    So HM, don't be doubtful, have faith because the club is punching well above its' weight and has a management team MANY clubs would cherish! Enjoy the good days.
    Dowse and co know what they need and wont stop until they find the answer.
    Anyone who knows them will know that is a fact.
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    You missed a bit out Chauffeur. We have scored 40 goals which is the lowest goal total of the top 13 teams. Which is ok if you win 1.0 each week. Need a goal scorer imo. To get promotion.
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    How can you be negative about anything this season?? The team have played to the max of their ability and have been magnificent. They battle harder than any team and always grind out a result. They are a credit to the management team. Chelsea and Arsenal are struggling to find a 20 goal a season man so we’re not the only ones on the lookout for a decent striker FFS!!!
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    Bath city no result grinding there. And a draw against bottom of the league. We are going to drop out of the top 5 very quickly without a proven goal scorer imo. Hope i am proved wrong.
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    Go and support another team then we could do without "supporters" like you who spend half the season in foreign climes

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    It's not for you to decide who can and can't support the club -- we need all the paying customers we can get and HM certainly gets to his fair share of games. Try to remember that this is a forum -- you know, for supporters to air their views about the club? -- and HM is as entitled as anyone else to express his. Forums thrive on the disparate opinions of their users, so if you are offended by comments that contradict your own beliefs, maybe you should go find Peter Purves and hang out with him instead.
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    "the lack of a true goalscorer is an obvious frustration for the management without doubt and one which Dowse is working on 24/7."
    Agreed, that's why this forum is better than most - it rarely gets personal! For the record HM, I didn't miss it out!! I think this acknowledges your thoughts and to be fair, those of most of us. The point is of course that finding a proven goalscorer is hard work - look at the money Wealdstone coughed for the Chippenham striker - and the alleged massive wages they are paying him. We simply are not in that ball park as the club manages its' finances with common sense and realism. I am sure all Hampton fans, staff, volunteers etc are thankful for that!
  11. Thanks Chauffeur for some constructive comments. Most of us appreciate all the work Dowse and his team put in all the time and we are grateful for that.
    Many of us realise that decent strikers for our level are difficult to find.
    We are not going to pay the premiums to our rivals that Wealdstone paid Chippenham.
    More likely we could take :
    A) gamble on a striker who has scored prolifically at a lower level and who retains these skills at our level.
    B) Sign a player released by a league club who we develop and who returns to the league via a transfer fee.
    C) Clubs in the National League have several strikers . Some are on the bench and might have an expiring contract in the summer. They might be willing to release the player early, especially if they are able to pick up a first choice player at this time to strengthen a promotion bid.
    The final group would bring about the most instant results, but would be the most expensive!
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    What kind of forumite repeatedly says "start the car Mister Barbel lets get out of here". Not very constructive eh?!

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    As i have told you before MK. If you dont like what i write put me on your ignore list.
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    I'd rather read a witty sign-off to a post regarding the club than a pointless one about Peter Purves that has absolutely nothing to do with it.
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    There's nothing witty about repeating the same thing over and over and over again ad nauseam. Remember Lance Wintle and Ray Barbel they no longer appear on the forum now why's that?...

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    Shut up Mucky, you're boring
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    Admin Post
    Mucky, just use the ignore button please. I don't want to start cleaning threads again.

    Everyone, keep it on topic.

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    It's not just about signing a prolific striker, we need also to contribute more goals out of midfield. Brendan has only two in the league and the rest of midfield's goals tally can probably be counted on one hand.

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  19. Take your point Tony, better if goals are spread about the team.
    Perhaps it is just coincidence, but Kiernan’s two league goals were when Coombes was playing. It might be that a good striker, by his presence, does give others more chance to score?
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